Museum Exhibition of Antarctica Photographs

I visited the Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield, MA yesterday to discuss the exhibition of my photographs of Antarctica. The museum has a long history of supporting polar exploration beginning with the support of Robert E. Peary’s 1908/1909 North Pole expedition.  Zenas Crane, who founded the museum, was the primary supporter of that expedition, and the museum holds many artifacts and specimens from that expedition.

The show will open in November 2016, and the plan is to feature my photographs and the work of several other artists who are doing work related to polar regions, both Arctic and Antarctic. The museum will also draw from it’s collection of polar artifacts and natural history specimens to illustrate life in the extreme North and South. During my upcoming Antarctica trip I will try to send back objects that are representative of current exploration and science. For example the Scott Polar Tent is a tent originally used during the early explorations of Antarctica and the same basic tent design is still used today. Also a full suit of ECW (extreme cold weather) clothing will be loaned from the National Science Foundation to the museum to show the clothing I will be wearing while on the Ice. This will make an interesting contrast to the fur and tweed suits worn by early polar explorers.

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