NZ to McMurdo flight & first afternoon

USAP hanger at Christchurch Airport

Flight to McMurdo, about 1/2 way on flight now, smooth going so far, hoping we don’t do what they call a boomerang back, caused by a last minute change in the weather in McMurdo, which would mean a return to Christchurch and another try tomorrow. But smooth flight so far, with luck we’ll be on the ice in about 3 hours.



Just looked out the window and can see ice flows mixed with open ocean, looks like pack ice with many individual bergs clumped together. Now we are above Victoria Land and can see mountains and glaciers below.

C-17 Flight Deck
Flight is mostly cargo so this is were we get to sit.
Cargo bay from flight deck

Very noisy flight, too loud to talk to neighbor and I have silicone earplugs in anyway, Had a chance to visit the flight deck and take some photos from up there, which was very cool. There is about only about 40 of us on the flight, so the best part of the hold is full of cargo, and we are strapped in vey hard uncomfortable seats along the side of the C-17. One bathroom, no running water, not even to flush. Yep.

Arrival time should be 2:30 or so, where we will then get a lift into McMurdo on a bus, the terra bus I think, more briefings then I get my room key and find out where I’m living for the next 7 weeks. It’s all good mate as they say in New Zealand.

Pegasus Field
Steely Eyed Antarctica Man (actually exhaused man)

The next week will be training and more training, and I will then find out what my schedule will be relative to filed work and photography at the huts. I’hoping to start work right away on photography around McMurdo, so we’ll see how that plays out. 

Arrival briefing at the Chalet
My office! Even my name on the door!

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