Hut A at Scott Base

Hut A, also known at the TAE (Trans-Antarctic Expedition) Hut, is located on Pram Point at New Zealand’s Scott Base. It was the first station building built in 1957 at Scott Base, established to support the TAE, and the IGY (International Geophysical Year) of 1957/1958. It was originally intended as a short term base, after which it was to be dismantled, but as the scientific potential of Antarctica was realized the Government decided to continue with Antarctic research indefinitely. Sir Edmund Hillary was part of the team that built the hut, and was one of two leaders on the TAE expedition. I was fortunate to get permission from the New Zealand government to photograph Hut A on the day before I left Antarctica, and the folks at Scott Base were very helpful in showing me around and letting me do my photography work.

While trekking in Nepal in 1987 I met Hillary while he was building a school at the Tengboche Monastery in the Khumbu region.  The monastery is located within sight of Mt Everest, and is a spectacular location to spend a few day of R&R and altitude acclimatization. I ended up volunteering to haul stones for the school foundation along with a few other trekkers who were at the monastery. Hillary made the rounds among us volunteers and I got to shake his hand while he thanked me for the help.  I still regret not getting a photo with him. I shared this story several times while in New Zealand, where Hillary is still a national hero with his face on the five dollar bill.

Hut A at Pram Point, New Zealand’s Scott Base, Antarctica
Hut A with Observation Hill beyond
Pressure Ridges off Pram Point
Hut A milk delivery service
TAE team
Mess Room
Mess Room
Kitchen from Mess Room
Mess Room
Nice furniture and view
Like those orange chairs
View from Hut A, New Zealand’s Scott Base, Antarctica

More photographs of Hut A on my main webpage here


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