Wandering about McMurdo Station

During my seven week stay at McMurdo Station I took many walks around the station to see what was tucked away in the more remote corners. A large part of the station footprint is cargo storage yards with rows of boxed equipment that is destined for use in station, at field camps, or return to the states when the next cargo ship arrives. Mixed in with the cargo areas are various interesting buildings, full of McMurdo character. There are some whose function are still a mystery to me, others are necessary for station operations, such as waste material processing and storage, and Skua, which is unique to McMurdo as far as I know. A Skua is the only flying bird to make it as far south as McMurdo, and it’s known for being something of a station pest. Being a scavenger, one of it’s favorite activities is dive bombing people carrying food from the galley and startling them into dropping their plate and spilling the contents. The Skua’s name has been adopted at station for recycled items. There are skua boxes in all the dorm buildings for people to leave things they don’t need any more, like snacks, jackets, paperbacks, shoes, socks etc. The Skua building is filled with this stuff, some of it real vintage and unexpected. It’s like visiting a garage sale or flea market, except it’s free. click for larger pics.

Overview of McMurdo Station from T-Site, showing the extent of the cargo storage yards
Crated cargo
The Skuary
skua building
Skua building
Building 137
Building 637
Waste Barn
Building 34
Building 34
Kitchen goods
McMurdo beauty
McMurdo buildings
Storage containers
Cargo and Carps Shops
Cargo, Carps Shops and Ob Hill
Beverage Warehouse
Home of the Fuelies
Home of the Fuelies
Science Cargo buildings
Science Cargo buildings

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