Adding photographs

I’m in the process of updating my main website with photographs from the Portraits of Place in Antarctica project, some of which haven’t been displayed before. I’ve added links below to web galleries that have been added, and will post more links as I add them, stay tuned…

Cape Crozier and Wilson’s Stone Igloo

Flight to New Harbor

Photographs of New Harbor, Antarctica

Cape Evans and Terra Nova Hut

Cosray – the longest running experiment at McMurdo

Discovery Hut on Hut Point

Black Island

Cooking area of Discovery Hut with improvised blubber stove
Cooking area of Discovery Hut with improvised blubber stove

One comment

  1. Great pics Sean! I was led to your site and given your name by Jean and Bruce Wyman who know your sister Bridget. My fellow scientist, Dr. Tom Suchanek, and I will be taking a Zegrahms nature cruise to the Falklands, S. Georgia, Elephant, and Deception Is., Brown Bluff and as far south as Pleneau Is. We leave Ushuaia on Thurs 7th. We will be writing a blog of our cruise if you’d like to follow or comment.
    Tom and I led a team of scientists assessing the ecological impacts of the Exxon Valdez oil spill to the intertidal and shallow subtidal regions of Kodiak Island and the Alaska peninsula way back in 1989. We are now deeply involved in understanding and sharing our knowledge of global climate change. Look forward to connecting with you and learning more about what you experienced during your expedition as you went much further south and spent much more time in the field than our cruise will allow.
    Sincerely, Roger Helm, USFWS, retired


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