Day 3&4 on the Southern Ocean

Bandwidth is getting scarce as we travel south, very slow trying to upload photos, and couldn’t post yesterday, should improve when we connect to the satellite link at Palmer Station.  I was woken at 6am yesterday morning by the lack of engine noise, the boat had stopped to retrieve a floating Scripts Oceanic instrument package that had gone wonky. The instrument looks like a large surfboard with solar panels and various instruments protruding, and hanging below it a stabilizer that keeps it upright on the rough seas. Apparently it was having rudder problems and swimming in circles rather than on it’s intended course. Capturing it proved to be a challenge, about a half dozen close passes were made before the marine techs could get a hook on it and winch it out of the water. And it turns out that we are being treated to the Drake Lake, even though the boat is rolling heavily back and forth I’m told this is a very easy crossing, which is OK with me. We arrive at Cape Shirreff this afternoon for the unloading of the NOAA team that will be spending 5 month there studying the seals, penguins and other birds. 


Bridge of the LMG while underway
Wandering scientific instrument surfing the large waves of the Drake
Marine Techs bringing it on board
The Drake Lake on a sunny afternoon