Chilean Patagonia

I will be posting more Antarctica work here over the next weeks. The stay at Palmer was fairly brief, only about a week, so I needed to spend most of that time gathering rather than sharing. I’m now in Chilean Patagonia for a few days before I fly home, so will be posting some snaps from here over the next few days. Today I drove from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales and will be hiking in the Torres del Paine National Park over the next couple days. Here are a few snaps from the drive here and a couple from around Puerto Natales. The town has a good vibe, something of a backpackers travel zone with many cheap hostels and restaurants. Everyone comes here to hike in the NP.

Waterfront at Puerto Natales looks toward the Andes and the Torres
Rt 9 from Punta Arenas toward Puerto Natales
Roadside farm
Many old boats I will spend some time photographing

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