In Miami after a red eye out of Santiago. Landed at 3:54 am. 3:54! After passport control and customs and getting a coffee it’s now 5:30 am and I have until 8:30 until my next leg to Charlotte. There is nothing appealing about the actual travel part of air travel. I like a window seat when flying over the Andes Mountains, like yesterday, but a red eye? They should be paying me. Sitting squeezed between two people for 8 1/2 hours trying to sleep while kids wail and mom’s yack and then they serve a meal at midnight. Why are they serving a meal at midnight? I was ear plugged, blind folded and neck pillowed and still only managed a few nods off into blissful sleepland before being woken again by my neighbor rummaging through bags or blowing their nose or watching a zombie movie. WTF is there about zombies that deserves so much air time? Miami airport at 5:30 am is sprinkled with other dazed travelers looking to caffeine to get them to their next flight.
But when I weigh this discomfort against the trip I just made, it becomes silly whining. Antarctica by boat (there’s another dodgy mode of transportation when seas are running 15+ ft), a week at Palmer station with full access to photograph anywhere in and around the station, climbing a glacier, cruising through the Gerlache Straits and Neumayer Channel, all of it was an amazing and unique experience. It was a trip with a great group of people, several who I know from McMurdo Station 2 years ago. Once home I’ll be posting more images from the trip, but here are a few, direct from an overlit Miami airport coffeeshop.

Approaching the Neumayer Channel
Bergs and snowing
Leaving Palmer Station, breaking Ice that formed in the bay since our arrival.

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