North Iceland

I drove from the Standir Coast in the Westfjords to North Iceland over the past couple days. I’m in Myvatn Lake area now. Here are a selection of photo from the past few days.

Cairn lines are seen around Iceland marking old routes across the barren landscape. In Icelandic the are called vörður meaning guardian, and they guide and protect travelers from trolls, ghosts, outlaws and huldufólk (hidden people). Some of these cairn lines date back to the 11th century. 
Sulfur smelling steam rising from the ground near Lake Myvatn in North Iceland.  This is near the Krafla geothermal plant which produces electricity from the hot steam. 
Roadside hot shower courtesy geothermal hot water. A strange find along the road in the middle of nowhere.
Dettifoss waterfall and snow with Starry Night whorls
Haverfjall Volcano cone near Lake Myvatn
Inside of Haverfjall Volcano after climbing to the rim. Like a moonscape in the area. 
At the Djupavik Herring Factory, Concrete tanks used to store fish oil.
Fish Oil Tank, Djupavik Herring Factory, closed in the 1960’s when the Herring disappeared. Now the factory is partially restored, and used as an art venue and performance space during June and July. 

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