Back to Antarctica in October

Dive hut on McMurdo Sound Sea Ice

I wanted to give followers of this blog a heads up that I am returning to Antarctica this October 2017 with the National Science Foundation, and I’m running another Kickstarter campaign. The new Kickstarter campaign can be found at this link Here.  I look at this exchange as a fair trade, you’re helping me with needed funding for the project and you get a valuable print or book (or both) in return.

Thanks for considering supporting this work and the unique opportunity this trip offers. This project is in many ways a next phase of that earlier Portraits of Place in Antarctica project. Prints and books are on offer as rewards for your pledge. I’ll be updating this blog throughout the trip as before, and there is an exhibition of this work planned for 2018. More on that later. I’ll also be hosting the Smithsonian Magazine Instagram feed during part of the trip.

Best regards,

Shaun O’Boyle


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